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AnimalityCoin is a currency focused on the development of endangered species preservation projects, promoting awareness actions and strategies to combat the main causes of this problem.

One of the main causes of species extinction is the degradation and fragmentation of natural environments, due to the opening of large areas for agriculture and pasture formation, urban expansion, expansion of the road network, pollution, formation of lakes for hydroelectric and surface mining. They are factors that reduce habitats and increase the degree of isolation of the populations, reducing the genetic flow between them, causing loss of genetic variability and reducing the survival capacity of the animals.

We want to draw the attention of the world in a simple and effective way through projects and initiatives in the fight against deforestation and the extinction of endangered species. Join us and together we will make a difference because nature is extremely important to the planet's balance.

Environment and crypto-coins

The ANTY will be a currency, which expresses environmental value. Like other currencies, their value may fluctuate depending on the market, the strength of the world economy, and the number of people doing environmental work.

Since ANTY is a virtual currency that has a Bitcoin conversion rate, there will be a reasonable economic incentive to win ANTY. At the same time, one can feel morally just and proud to win ANTY as this means that you are contributing to a better environment.

Where ANTY want arrive

Society, for the most part, did not acquire an education or culture that valued environmental preservation. So the only alternative found is to draw attention to the scarcity of natural resources and thereby work to make the population aware of the need to worry about conserving the environment and to start investing in sustainable education for future generations. Campaigns and initiatives and forestry recomposition, opening the eyes of society to the extreme need to preserve the environment where we live.


Hi, I'm ANTY, We are a Brazilian currency..
Our goal is to draw the attention of the world in a simple
and effective way through projects and initiatives that nature needs of us. Join us in this cause.

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